JAN 2018

In January 2018, the crew went back to the US. This time Liliana and Anton filmed in San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York, speaking to startup entrepreneurs, activists, and tech-journalists. The camera was also lucky enough to accidentally capture famous Hollywood actor, Luke Evans. This is the closest we have been to Hollywood, so far…

In Vegas, the crew headed to the office of the esports platform, UNIKRN, to interview its founder and CEO, Rahul Sood. As a long-time entrepreneur, Sood recently discovered the power of blockchain for the esports community. His support of Crypto Rush movie has also made further filming possible, of which we are truly thankful.

FEB-MAR 2018

Asia was a must-see destination due to its large crypto and blockchain community, and the scale of its regulatory and startup activity across various countries. The crew visited extraordinary and beautiful places, including South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.


Many of the world’s largest ICOs are held by Singapore companies. Startups here can easily communicate closely with the government on relevant business topics. While enlightening and eventful, we could only spend one day of shooting here. Albeit brief, we managed to discover several economic trends of tomorrow.


China is the true ‘bitcoin capital’ today. It is where the largest mining powers are. Although mining has now been restricted by the Chinese government, Liliana interviewed those who still have faith in the field. In Hong Kong, the sheer number of crypto projects and investors amazed us. The filmmakers then travelled to Shenzhen, “the world’s hardware capital”, and Shanghai, China’s financial and marketing center.


The final destination in Asia was Seoul, South Korea, where we were lucky to interact with the crypto community. It helped us learn more about investments, companies, and how they operate. We heard people’s stories and why they believe in cryptocurrency, how they knew blockchain was the future, and where all of that can lead and influence the world economy as we know it.


Russia was our final stopping point before hitting the editing floor. The crypto legislation in Russia is still in development, so the business is mostly in a gray area with many talented developers and entrepreneurs working abroad. Today, Russian scientists are rapidly developing a next-gen innovation called quantum blockchain. Naturally, we didn’t miss a chance to speak about it with the Russian Quantum Center.